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Guide to know about Litecoin and its price movements

Litecoin, a cryptocurrency that, such as the majority of cryptocurrencies all around the world, uses peer-to-peer technology. As a result, Litecoin allows near-instant and low-cost payments to anyone or any retailer anywhere in the world. Second, it is a worldwide open-sourced payment network that is not controlled either by the bank or the government. Finally, it enables transactions to be completed in a fraction of a second.

Litecoin was created in 2011 as a rival to Bitcoin, which had been gaining popularity due to advances in technology and the ease with which users could interact with digital currency. The cryptocurrency’s creators wanted to adopt the Bitcoin model to create a new cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency’s creators wanted to follow Bitcoin’s lead and also use mathematics as a method of network security. Furthermore, the system was created to assist individuals and businesses in maintaining control of their transactions. Litecoin’s improved technology allows for quick transaction confirmation times and increased storage performance. This is due to increased trade volume and liquidity, as well as industry support. After a rise of over 1,500 percent, the Litecoin price at  was set at $75.48.

Litecoin price movements:

Litecoin, one of the first altcoins, was founded by Charlie Lee in 2011. It is immediately listed on a few exchanges, and Litecoinprice quickly rises to 30 cents (USD).

From 2011 to 2013, the price of Litecoin fluctuated around a few tens of centimes and three dollars.

However, Litecoin’s price will witness its first bull market within the next few days starting in November 2013. The Litecoin price is multiplied by more than ten times to hit $50.

However, due to the bear market of 2014 and the Mt. Gox exchange scandal, the price of Litecoin struggles and falls to about $1 in January 2015.

Litecoin begins a two-year consolidation phase after such a modest increase in the spring of 2015, with its price stabilizing around $3.

Litecoin’s second bull market began at the end of March 2017. It increases in value from $3 at the end of March 2017 towards $50 in July 2017 and $80 in September 2017.

Litecoin forms part of the cryptocurrency bubble in November and December 2017 and its price skyrockets. On December 19, 2017, Record was set at about 371 dollars, a 500 percent rise within only two months!

In 2018, Litecoin, like the rest of the cryptocurrency industry, will experience a new crash, with its price plummeting to about $25 on December 15, 2018.

Litecoin entered a bull market in 2019 and reached a high of $145 in June. In the second half of 2019, it fell to $50.

After the Covid-19 crisis, the value of Litecoin increases by 60% on June 1, 2020. Litecoin’s current price is $48.13.

The Litecoin Foundation recently made some interesting decisions: in July of this year, secured a 9.9% stake in WEG Bank AG through TokenPay, a platform that provides streamlined crypto-fiat transfer solutions.

Even now, Litecoin makes it easier to test new ideas, such as SegWit, the Lightning Network, and Atomic Swaps, both of which were first introduced in Litecoin before being added to Bitcoin. For the time being, Litecoin is a symbolic cryptocurrency. Before trade cryptos, you can check more online.